Delete Virus Of Usb Pendrive Without Any Software

Sometimes We Can't Find Some Viruses of Pendrive. But If We Try Then We Can Detect Hidden Viruses In Easy Steps.

Just Follw These Steps : 

1 . First Plug Your Usb Pendrive In Your Computer
2 . Now Goto Start/run- and Type cmd Then A Command Window Will Open
3 . Now Goto My Computer And See What Is Your Pendrive Letter. For Example :My Drive Letter Is(G)
4 . Now Enter The Drive Letter In Command Option G: and Press Enter
5 . After Then type dir/w/o/ a/p and Press Enter
6 . Now It Will Show The List of Your Pendrive Files
7 . In That List Look for Bha.vbs , Iexplore.vbs, RVHost.exe, Ravmon.exe, New_ Folder.exe, Autorun.inf are etc Named Files or
*.exe Files Are Viruses
8 . For Delete These Files Type attrib -h -r -s -a *.* In The Command Promote and Hit Enter
9 . Now Type del filename and Hit Enter
10 . In The Place of filename- write The Virus Name. For Example: del Autorun.inf
11 . After That Press Enter

Using This Trick You Can Delete Any Hidden Virus

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